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Festival of flowers

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The FIRST PHASE dealt with the preparation of the official construction and restoration
documents: architectural plans, various permits obtained from various local agencies,
as well as reports of needed exploratory studies conducted by designated engineers.

PHASE TWO of the Cathedral Restoration Project will soon begin following the signing of the
contract presented by Balbo Construction Inc., a Company selected by the Restoration
Committee and approved by the Bishop and the Rector of the Cathedral to serve as the Main
contractor of the project. It is estimated that this phase will cost about 1,200,000.00 dollars. 
The second phase started with a fundraising component that resulted in a profit
of 80,000.00 dollars. This project was achieved through the Keys and Sword Award Banquet.
Collected funds motivated our effort and gave us the impetus to proceed with phase II.
This stage will address the following areas of the Restoration Project:

⋄ Repairs of the Roof and replacement of damaged roofing components.
⋄ Repairs due to water damage within the crawl-space above the vaulted ceiling.
⋄ Updating of electrical wiring above the vaulted ceiling;
⋄ Diversion/Re-routing of rain water flow from Frenchman’s Hill above the
Cathedral Rectory; repair of rain downspouts is also included in that
portion of the project.

This page will continue to keep you informed about the evolution of this most needed project.
We ask you to join us and continue to pray for the success of the restoration of our Cathedral.
Again, thank you for your support and contributions. Please make your check payable to

Mail your contributions to:
P.O. BOX 301767
SAINT THOMAS, VI 00803-1767

Saints Peters & Paul's Cathedral Restoration Campaign Prayer

Compassionate and Loving God,
You have been generous to us and have blessed us.
We ask You to watch over us and guide us as we strive to make Your
Dwelling Place a harbor of welcome for those who worship You.
As we work to transform our Cathedral, may we also be transformed
into the image of Your Son through the power of Your grace.
We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Restoration of ...

Ceiling Mary's side

Corrosion on steel to attac

Crack on ceiling

Crack on the wall

Cracks on door & corroded steel

Damaged column

Damaged marble

Damaged wall & ceiling

Damaged wall & window

Damaged wall St Joseph's Side

Missing cross to be rebuilt


Statue desintegrated

Water damage

The Cathedral Restoration Contract was signed on October 13. The Construction work
will begin in early November. His Excellency, Bishop Herbert Bevard, and
Msgr. Jerome Feudjio, rector of Sts. Peter and Paul Cathedral on St. Thomas,
signed a contract with Balbo Construction on the veranda of the parish rectory
on October 13. Earlier this year the members of the Cathedral Restoration
Committee selected the contracting firm to repair the roof, strengthen
the supporting columns and divert the underground brook that threatens the integrity
of the building. According to Gerard “Balbo” Castor, scafolds will be erected outside
the cathedral on November 1, as his team evaluates the project. The actual work
will begin a week later.


Pictured at the table, left to right, are Gerard “Balbo” Castor, Msgr. Feudjio,
Bishop Bevard, architect Robert deJongh.
Members of the Cathedral Restoration Committee are standing around them.






















































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