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Off-Island Marriage

Thank you for choosing Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral in Saint Thomas,
USVI for your wedding ceremony. The following is a list of concerns
on our part that you must attend to before we can witness your marriage:

1. You are to begin the process six (6) months prior to your wedding date.

2. Our regulations are the same as your home diocese. This means that whatever
pre-marriage process your diocese has (contact your parish priest), we will accept
it here. As such we request that your parish priest forward your completed marriage
documents to the Chancellor  of The Diocese of St. Thomas, P.O. Box 301825,Saintt Thomas,
U.S. Virgin Islands, 00803 – 1825

3. You must submit your witness forms (freedom to marry forms) filled out by two
separate witnesses along with other required documents. The bride must have
two witnesses and the groom must also present two witnesses.

4. If any dispensation is required, secure it prior to sending your documents
to us (ask your priest. He will know what it means).

5. Your local parish’s Prenuptial Questionnaire for marriage and any other papers,
such as baptism certificate, (complete mailing address of baptism church must be
sent also) and dispensation must be sent to us along with a letter of recommendation
and permission to be married outside of your parish from your local pastor.

6. You must acquire a marriage license, ahead of time from the VI Superior Court
located in the Alexander Justice Complex on the waterfront, which is West of the
Federal Building and East of the Fort Christian parking Lot.
The contact number is (340) 774-6688.

To apply for a marriage licence, do the following:

Both applicants must come in to the Family Division of the Superior
Court in the judicial district in which they desire to be married. If any of the
applicants were previously married, he or she must bring with them a certified
copy of their Divorce Decree. If either applicant is a widow or widower,
he or she must bring a certified copy of their spouse'DeathCertificate.

There is Fifty Dollars ($50.00) non-refundable application fee which must be paid
with the filing of the Marriage Application. There is a non refundable Fifty Dollar
($50.00) application fee, which must be paid when the marriage license is
picked up after the eight (8) day period for posting in accordance with
16 V.I. Code Ann. § 37.

For parties who reside off-island and are requesting information to get married in
the Virgin Islands, please note that upon calling the Family Division, the clerk will
obtain pertinent contact information from you. A Marriage Information Fact, an
Application for Marriage License and a License and Certificate of Marriage will be
forwarded to you. Applicants arriving from off island should attach a letter with the
application detailing the date of their visit, the length of their stay; the date of
preference if desirous of having the marriage performed by a judge. Please note
that there is an eight (8) day period of posting of marriage applications, except
where previously granted an exemption by the Court. If you need to fill out the
application form online go to: www.visuperiorcourt.org/forms/forms.aspx

7. Our Church fee is $1000.00 and must be paid in advance. We are happy
to provide a local referral listing. Fees are to be negotiated between the parties directly.
Ideally, the Sacrament of Matrimony should be celebrated with the local
worshipping community. It is a public Sacrament. However, if for some
reason you do not want to follow that way of celebration of marriage, we
will be happy to help you , provided all is in order.
In the past, many couples have made initial contact by telephone, setting up
date and time with us and then never carried the process further. Therefore,
we ask that you respond to this announcement, in writing within thirty (30)
days confirming that the wedding ceremony will be at our Church, as set up with us.
Please note that weddings are celebrated on Mondays through Saturdays only.
I hope all of the above is clear to you but if you have any questions, please
contact us AT (340)-774-0201 OR BY FAX AT.(340)-776-9586.

Rev. Msgr. Jerome Feudjio, Pastor
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